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Super Bowl betting still not legal for Florida football fans

'Florida is really falling behind because it is so popular,' Palm Beach Kennel Club president says
Posted at 3:09 PM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 18:28:08-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — This Sunday's Super Bowl is expected to be the biggest event ever for online betting.

But in the state of Florida, betting on the big game won't be happening.

The Paddock Restaurant near West Palm Beach is expecting a big crowd Sunday to watch NFL's biggest game.

It's a popular spot, which overlooks the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Jay Kielstock considers himself an avid bettor, coming to the Paddock Restaurant at least twice a week to place his bets on horse racing.

Jay Kielstock, sports bettor
Jay Kielstock would be eager to place bets on NFL games if it is legalized in Florida.

"I don't make a living out of it ... but I have a lot of fun," Kielstock said.

But in the state of Florida, sports betting is still illegal, even though it has become incredibly popular around the country.

"Florida is really falling behind because it is so popular," said Palm Beach Kennel Club President Patrick Rooney. "I think the people want it, and we'd love to have it here, and it would help us."

Rooney is hoping the courts will overturn their decision and make sports gambling legal.

"It would be off the charts," Rooney said. "There's so much illegal sports betting going on, so Florida has to take advantage of the demand."

Patrick Rooney Jr., Palm Beach Kennel Club president
Patrick Rooney hopes the court system soon allows sports betting in Florida.

With the Super Bowl this Sunday, bettors are preparing to see what financial touchdowns they can score.

Using online sportsbooks, fans can bet on anything from who is going to gain the most yards to who's going to score the most touchdowns or even the color Gatorade and length of the national anthem.

Kielstock won't be able to bet on those things here locally, because of Florida's law, but he does have his prediction for the game.

"I think the Rams are going to blow them out, if I'm being honest with you," Kielstock said.

Although you can't bet on the big game, the Paddock Restaurant is hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday.