14-year-old swimmer 'never imagined' representing Haiti in Olympics

Reaching the Olympics was always a goal for swimmer Mayah Chouloute
Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 09, 2024

BOCA RATON, Fla. — At just 14 years old, swimmer Mayah Chouloute's dream is coming true.

“Being 14 and being selected for the Olympics is crazy,” said Saint Andrews Aquatics coach Quinn Cassidy.

From a coach's standpoint, it’s a talent that was recognized almost immediately.

“The entire aspect of it is wild. Because she’s a girl who’s been working so hard every single day because she loves the sport," Cassidy said. "Now she’s done a couple international meets representing Haiti, and she’s been doing so well in them that she’s ended up being the No. 1 female athlete for the Olympic games.”

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Reaching the Olympics was always a goal for Chouloute. But doing it at 14 puts her way above schedule.

“I feel on top of the world. Going to the Olympics was a really big goal of mine. Being able to accomplish it at 14 is really mind blowing,” she said.

Mayah Chouloute
Mayah Chouloute says making it to the Olympics at 14 is "really mind blowing."

Her mom was born and raised in Haiti — and is proud to see a part of her family’s history on the world's stage.

“When I see that flag on her chest, actually when I see it on her cap, that’s when I just can’t stop smiling," said Marjorie Chouloute.

Only time will tell us how things will work out. But being a part of history will stay with her forever.

“I’ve never imagined representing Haiti at such a high level of competition. So it’s really exciting," she said.