New Olympic sport is breaking barriers

Breakdancing now an Olympic sport, will debut at Paris in 2024
Posted at 4:36 PM, Dec 08, 2020

MIAMI — There's a new Olympic sport and it's breaking barriers.

The moves in breakin', also commonly known as breakdancing, keep your body twisting and turning.

"It is a dance, it’s a cultural dance. It has it’s on terms and meanings," said Michael Lo, owner of Miami Breakin’ Academy.

“It takes a lot of core and physical strength to be able to maneuver around the heavier parts of the dance. The freezes, the bar moves, the flips. Those parts are very explosive," said Dee Perez, owner of Funkseon Breakin’ School.

Lo also serves as the Professional Vice President of USA Breakin’. He said getting the sport into the 2024 Paris Olympic games wasn’t easy.

"This is a huge process it’s not just about one school or a couple schools, this is about the nation and how we are going to be represented," Lo said.

"Do you think this can bring more diversity and inclusion to the Olympics?" asked WPTV journalist Sabirah Rayford.

"It’s a part of Black culture, it’s a part of our community and it’s for girls, it’s for guys. It’s for everyone," Lo said.

"When you say hip-hop you know breakin’ is hip hop," Perez said.