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Senior volleyball star at Royal Palm Beach High School reflects on career

Posted at 6:30 AM, Oct 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-27 06:30:44-04

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. — There are plenty of seniors who are seeing their high school seasons coming to an end.

And for senior volleyball star Jenna Larsen at Royal Palm Beach Community High School, she saw her last game on the hardwood with the team she loves.

From the hardwood to the sand, the game of volleyball has always been Larsen's passion.

"I remember I made varsity my freshman year," Larsen said.

But now, she's inside this gym setting up for the last time.

"I definitely love the chemistry and the way we kind of grew up with each other. Just these last couple of years. And obviously, I love my team and I couldn't ask for a better team," Larsen said.

But it's not completely over yet. Because luckily, Larsen still has one more season on the beach. And right now, she's just focused on reaching for gold.

"I was really hungry for it, to get a district win this year. Even though it didn't happen, I'm still super proud of our team. But I would love to see us continue through this beach season, and if we can, reach the district finals," Larsen said.

But whatever platform she performs on, Larsen has had an impact. And luckily, her coach knows she's helped leave a path for the next captain.

"She's done a lot in a leadership role," head coach Jessica Buck said. "So when she's gone, I'm not worried. I know our setter will take a really good lead. She's already helped out with Jenna this year. I think she's kind of taught her a lot."

Although the path forward is still unclear, those close to Larsen know the sky is the limit.