High school football is back on the Treasure Coast

'There was just a great feeling to be out there with the kids'
Posted at 12:44 AM, Sep 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-11 00:44:10-04

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — High school football is now back on the Treasure Coast.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a game-changer but everyone is excited to hear the whistles blowing again.

On the field, it looked pretty much the same. The band, the coaches, and of course the players. And who could forget the touchdowns?

The stands, however, looked a little different. The parents though, still pumped up to see their kids nonetheless.

"The hearts definitely pounding a little bit now that they are out there. There's a lot more contact going on out there then what was going on in practice. So we’re just super thrilled," said Mark Debien, a Martin County player parent.

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Martin County and Fort Pierce Central are kicked off an unprecedented 2020 season.

Safety measures were put in place and only 600 fans were allowed into the 6 thousand seat Lawnwood stadium, an odd stadium for sure. One topped only by mother nature herself.

"Nothing has been like this at all. The only thing that would be a little close, maybe as a coach was Gene and Francis when we were out of school for a month. But nothing like this," said Peter Crespo, Fort Pierce Central AD.

Coaches and players were just happy to be back on the field.

"There was just a great feeling to be out there with the kids and watch them compete at the highest level we could tonight," said Martin County Head Coach Rod Harris.