FAU students react to James Tracy controversy

Posted at 7:35 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 19:36:17-05

A Florida Atlantic University professor continues to be embroiled in controversy.

It's a story we first brought you Wednesday on NewsChannel 5.

FAU is trying to cut ties with James Tracy - who is linked to some very polarizing subjects. 
For four years, his blog entitled 'Memory Hole', has been filled with material considered to be conspiracy theorist in nature - challenging recent mass shootings, even calling Sandy Hook a hoax.
Just last week, the family of one of the victims wrote an editorial for the Sun Sentinel accusing Tracy of taunting their family and challenging the existence of their son Noah - who was killed in the massacre. 

Students at FAU responded to the attention surrounding one of their professors.
"When it comes to something like that - of talking about someone's kid that died - I feel as though that's a step you shouldn't cross," FAU junior Henry June says.
As far as his in class work, students on the college review site 'Rate My Professor' giving him a 'B', with comments over the years ranging from 'One of FAU's best assets' to 'One of the worst professors I've taken'.
As far as his latest controversy, Steven Ochoa says the professor is entitled to his own opinion when it comes to the Sandy Hook Massacre, or any of the other posts on his blog. 
"Was what he said wrong? I don't know if it was wrong, it was his opinion at the end of the day," Ochoa says.
However, he says allegedly harassing the family crosses the line - especially for someone associated with the university. 
"Those people wouldn't want to be told to their faces that that didn't really happen, because for them it's very real."

We reached out to Tracy Thursday for comment, but we still haven't heard back from him. 

FAU still hasn't given an official reason why it is terminating Tracy's position.

Tracy has 10 days to respond to the termination notice.