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Sonic Scrapped Its Red, White And Blue Slushie

Sonic Scrapped Its Red, White And Blue Slushie
Posted at 10:02 AM, Jun 07, 2020

Update June 25, 2020: Sonic reached out to us to share that the planned launch of this red, white and blue slushie has been canceled. 

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, Sonic is about to give us a symbol of patriotism that we can all agree on.

The fast-food chain, famous for its drive-in atmosphere, is adding something to its already massive menu of sweet drinks. The new Red, White & Blue Slush Float is coming this month and will only be available for a few weeks before it’s gone like a soaring bottle rocket.

As the name suggests, the new treat is a colorful tribute to America’s national colors but it’s also a creative mash-up of three unique flavors. The first layer is made of Sonic’s Blue Raspberry Slush, then comes a layer of vanilla soft-serve ice cream and it’s all topped off with a layer of Strawberry Real Fruit Slush, which has chunks of strawberry in it.

The result is a drink that looks almost as much fun as it will be to drink.

Photo Courtesy: Sonic

The Red, White & Blue Slush Float will be available from June 29 through Aug. 2 and is expected to cost $2.99.

If this drink doesn’t light your firecracker then you can browse Sonic’s menu for one of its dozens of other unique chilly concoctions this summer. There are classics like Cherry Limeade and also 12 different kinds of Slushes.

One of the more interesting varieties is the Candy Slush, which comes in either blue raspberry or grape and has Nerds candies mixed in.


If you’d prefer to make your own frozen drinks this summer, check out this awesome Slush Puppie machine we found online. You can set it up in the kitchen or outdoors and have some classic Slush Puppies anytime you want.

Plus, since you’re in control, you can mix in some liquor, resulting in something way more fun than what you’d find at the gas station.


We’ve also got you covered with some amazing boozy slush recipes that you can easily make at home. For instance, there are White Claw slushes or even a refreshing slush made with watermelon, vodka and prosecco.

Cheers to summertime slushes!


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