Woman Snaps A Selfie As Her Sister Gives Birth

Posted at 1:54 PM, Jul 06, 2017
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With our social media-posting, selfie-taking culture, if you don’t snap a picture of a moment, it’s like it never even happened.

So, of course, this sister had to document her sister’s child birth and go ahead and stake her claim as the “fun aunt.”

Kat Armendariz posted a selfie on July 3 that shows her sister in the midst of childbirth in the background.

As in, her sister is clearly experiencing labor pains while Armendariz smiles at the camera.

Needless to say, the internet’s had a lot to say about it.

Some folks were pretty upset that Armendariz seemed to be poking fun at her sister’s pain, but she assured Mashable that this is not at all how it went down.


“She wasn’t in too much pain at first, so she thought it was pretty funny. I told her I was going to do it, she just started the oxytocin [sic] and the labor pains began almost instantly. She started to feel it and right when she was like, ‘Oh my god I can’t take this,’ I took the photo.”

And these two are certainly going to have something to remember this experience with (and get a good laugh about) later.

Commenters Had Lots To Say

Armendariz is a Texas-based photographer, so, it’s certainly no surprise that she decided to commemorate this moment with a photo.

And, she’s not unaware of the pain of giving birth to a child, either.

According to her comments on the Imgur post, she’s a mother of five herself.

Another commenter had this to say about the selfie: “If someone took my picture while I was in labor, I would make a point of keeping my placenta just so I could throw it at them.”

That’s certainly one way to handle the situation.

Another commenter wrote this: “This is hilarious and you are cruel and funny. Bless you.”

baby photo
Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

While taking a photo with someone unaware in the background can sometimes be a dangerous thing (as the model who snapped and posted a selfie mocking a nude woman in the background recently learned) in this case, these sisters are just having a bit of fun—albeit at a very ironic time to be joking around.

Regardless of how her sister feels seeing this photo circulate online, I’d imagine she’s still very glad she was able to have her sister by her side during this very important moment in her life.

And without question, that baby is going to have an awesome photo for his scrapbook.

Family—what would you do without them?

Baby Weighs 16 Pounds

Another birth story is making the news this month for a very different reason.

One very happy couple just welcomed a new baby boy into their family, but they were shocked when the doctor announced the newborn’s weight: 16 pounds!

Yep, you read that right. Sixteen pounds. Most newborns weigh around 7 to 8 pounds, so this cuddly guy is actually double the size of average infant.

The proud mama, Whitney Hallett, was aware that her son was going to be on the larger side, but neither she nor her husband, Edmond, were expecting a 16-pounder!

“We ended up weighing him three times because no one could believe he actually weighed 16 pounds,” Edmond tells US Weekly. “At first I thought maybe the scale was broken.”

As happy as the new parents were, they also had an issue on their hands: None of their newborn outfits would fit their (big) little guy.

So, Edmond had to dash out and buy 6-to-9-month-sized outfits for his son, who they named Waylon Cole. (Love that name!)

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest baby on record was born at 22 pounds in 1879.

The baby, unfortunately, passed away 11 hours later. He was born to a woman who stood nearly eight feet tall. His father was also tall, coming in at 7 feet, 9 inches.

The couple still holds the record for the tallest married couple, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Serious Condition

While their big bouncing boy brought a smile to their faces, the reason for his large size is actually quite serious.

Whitney suffered from gestational diabetes, a condition that affects about 18 percent of pregnant women.

Gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar, which can impact both a mother’s health and her unborn baby’s health.

Women with this condition have to carefully monitor their blood sugar each day as well as eat a healthy diet.

In some cases, medication is also required.


In Whitney’s case, her big boy did have some breathing issues and feeding problems, which required him to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the hospital for seven weeks, but he is now happily at home with his parents and three older sisters.

They say he’s a happy, easygoing guy who loves to smile and sleep a lot… sounds like a dream baby!

Not to mention, who doesn’t love cuddling squishy baby thighs? Love those baby rolls!

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