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This Judo Teacher Is Still Kicking Butt At 94

Posted at 10:39 AM, Apr 20, 2018

Jack Hearn began practicing judo in 1951. Sixty seven years later, he’s still practicing and teaching that martial art at the age of 94.

What’s kept him going after all these years? It’s apparently his mindset. Hearn, aka Sensei Jack, offers this advice to others:

“Make sure that every moment that you’re here you’re doing something which was useful to yourself and to your fellow men,” he said in a recentinterview with the BBC. “Whatever age you are — get off your butt and get out and do something.”

And clearly — Hearn is living his own advice.

He thinks his advice is especially good for those who are retired.

“To those people who are now ‘retired’ — forget it. There is no such thing as retirement. Get up and get out, do something, keep active. That way you will live as long as I have,” Hearn told the Huffington Post in 2016. “There are loads of activities out there for the older generation to get yourself involved in.”

According to a study conducted by researchers at Britain’s University of Birmingham and King’s College in London, exercise and staying active “keeps the body young and healthy.”

So, Hearn’s onto something with his approach of continuing to practice judo as a man who nears 100 years old. According to him, he doesn’t have plans of stopping anytime soon, either.

“I will stop doing judo only when they put the last nail on the box,” he told the BBC.

If you were in need of some inspiration — you got it! Follow Hearn’s advice and get out there and do something meaningful!

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