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These Are The 5 Ways You're Using Your iPhone Wrong

Posted at 3:23 PM, Apr 30, 2018

You’d think that after all this time (11 years, to be precise) we would know everything there is to possibly know about iPhones. Nope. Turns out the iPhone is just as mysterious as it was when it came out in 2007. Here are five ways you’re using your phone wrong.

1. Charging Too Much Or Too Little

Some people say you should let your iPhone’s battery drain all the way before charging. Others charge their phones constantly. Apparently, neither method is the best way to maintain your battery. How do you do it right?

It’s true that you should unplug your phone before it gets to 100 percent so that you don’t stress the battery with extra voltage. But you shouldn’t let it drain to 0 percent either. Instead, when you notice your phone is down to about 50 percent battery life, plug it in. Do this frequently throughout the day. It’s a better way to extend battery life. Bonus tip: If you put your phone in airplane mode when it’s charging, it’ll reach 100 percent even quicker.

2. Leaving Your Sensitive Photos In Your Album

We’ve all had a photo or two we haven’t wanted anyone to see. If you have naughty or embarrassing photos you don’t want to delete, go to the share button in the lower left corner of your screen and swipe right until you get to hide. Pressing the hide button removes the pic from the main album and puts it in a hidden album. There’s no lock on the hidden album, though, so be careful not to let anyone get too overzealous when you hand them your phone so they can check out your photos.

3. Using The Tap Or Backspace Button When Typing

Let’s say you typed “mther” instead of “mother” and autocorrect didn’t pick it up. Instead of trying to tap between the “m” and the “t,” hold down on the keyboard and it will turn into a track pad. Now just move the cursor over to the offending spot and fix.

4. Using The Clear Button In The Calculator App

Did you know there’s a secret backspace function? The next time you make a mistake when using the calculator app, instead of clearing the whole thing and starting all over again, just swipe right or left to delete the last number.


5. Typing In Full Web Addresses

Shave off time when you’re on the go by having your iPhone type in .com, .edu or other URL extensions. Simply hold down on the period button (or the .com button) in the keyboard and a pop-up will appear with the various options.

Will any of these tips revolutionize your iPhone usage?

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