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This is the perfect copycat Olive Garden salad dressing recipe

Posted at 4:12 PM, Nov 15, 2016

You know you love going to Olive Garden for the endless salad, and I can’t say I blame you. With the holidays right around the corner, wouldn’t it be great if you could serve that crowd favorite at home?


When you hear “Super Salad” and you know you made the right choice. 😂

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Next time you’re serving a big group, you’re definitely going to want to have this copycat Olive Garden dressing on hand. It’s easy, delicious and is sure to keep your guests eating salad while you get the rest of the food on the table. Call this the chef’s secret weapon: Serve a tasty first course and your guests will remain happily preoccupied until you’re ready with the main event.

Thanks to Dessert Now Dinner Later, you can easily whip up a batch of dressing that’s just as good as the real deal.


🧀 & salad > work

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Just be sure you grab some Italian dressing mix, oil, vinegar, sugar and mayonnaise the next time you’re at the store. Throw in some spices you probably already have on hand, and that’s all you’ll need to recreate this recipe.

To see the full list of ingredients and the full recipe for the dressing, head on over to Dessert Now Dinner Later.

Now we should probably tell you that if you don’t even want to put in the effort to make this quick and easy dressing at home, you can buy bottled Olive Garden dressing from a number of retailers. But we promise this recipe is so easy that you won’t think twice about making it yourself over and over again.

And if you can’t get enough of that Olive Garden taste, the fun doesn’t have to stop at salad. Amber from the blog points out that she’s a master at recreating other Olive Garden recipes too. So next time you’re craving Olive Garden but don’t feel like eating out, head to her blog for her copycat recipes for Zuppa Toscana, Chicken and Gnocchi Soup and more.

Dessert Now Dinner Later

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