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Here's what the most expensive home in the US looks like

Posted at 10:54 AM, Jan 20, 2017

America’s most expensive property is officially on the market. The price to purchase it? No less than $250 million.

That astonishing price tag will get you a pretty incredible house, and after seeing the photos of this property, I’m pretty sure I owe someone some money. No way looking at that level of extravagance could be free.

Thankfully, it doesn’t cost to look, but man, oh man, does it cost to live like this! The Bel-Air mansionis four stories tall, 38,000 square feet and has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms and three kitchens, according to CNBC.



But, it doesn’t stop there. To attract the right customer (with that kind of budget), you’ve got to go above and beyond. So, the house also comes with a range of exotic cars, motorcycles and a helicopter that can be landed on the roof’s helicopter pad, L.A. Times points out.

Real estate developer Bruce Makowsky told the L.A.Times that the house is truly move-in ready, “You don’t even need a toothbrush.” So, when can I move in?


Makowsky also told CNBC, “People spend over half their lives in their house. So when you’re home, it should be the ultimate oasis. You should have every single entertainment aspect you could have in one home.”

And he’s really gone above and beyond to make sure he has given homeowners everything they could ever need. There’s a bowling alley, 40-seat entertainment room with at 30-foot screen, and a game room that’s filled with glass foosball tables, ping pong tables and a glass pool table, according to Forbes.



The list really goes on and on, as far as the amenities are concerned. There’s also a pool, a wine cellar, you know, the usual.

It seems as though $250 million will buy you everything you could ever want, all you have to do is fork over the cash. And they say money can’t buy you happiness. Psshhht.

[h/t: Forbes]

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