Maxi pad pool float has the internet laughing

Posted at 1:31 PM, Jul 06, 2017
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The internet’s having a good laugh at the Aquaria Pool Float company’s expense—for good reason. They created a pool float that looks like a maxi pad, leading us to believe that no women were included in the creation of this item.

The shape is a dead ringer for the tools that help you get through your period each month, and what’s worse than the shape is the coloring.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the commercials that use a blue liquid to gauge absorbency. You know the ones I mean.

Why Choose Blue?

Well, yeah, they decided to use these commercials as inspiration, apparently, and colored the pool floats white with blue swirls.

Sam's Club

You may be thinking, “Oh no they didn’t. They couldn’t have.” But, I’m here to inform you that they most certainly did.

Not without repercussion, however.

A photo of the pool floats on display at Sam’s Club was posted to Reddit with the caption, “Your moms [sic] Maxi Pads are in stock at Sams [sic].”


The Internet Can’t Get Enough

And as you can imagine, the internet has had a field day with that.

You can find the pool float on theSam’s Club website described as, “The Aquaria Pasadena Pool Float has a fun marbleized design, luxuriously soft, durable and Made in the USA,” which is ironically similar to the way an actual pad might be described. You know, with keywords “soft,” and “durable.”

The float is advertised with a man standing next to it in a pool. Go figure.

Sam's Club

The float is also available on Amazon, at the ridiculous price of $79.50, mind you, but the posting is worth checking out for the reviews alone.

“I tried it, but it sucked all the water out of the pool,” one person wrote.


“The adhesive strip on the back can be used either to keep your pool float secured to your beach chair, or to prevent you from falling off the float if you doze off! Perfect with that hot red one-piece! Nice to know you don’t have any women on your design team or in your focus groups,” wrote another.

And one of my personal favorites, “I’ve waited for this for my entire life. I have always dreamed of floating in a pool on a gigantic maxi pad! Brings a whole new meaning to aunt flow! Now it can be aunt float!”

I guess it’s that time of the month. Time to float in a pool because of the summer heat, of course, is what I mean.

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Other Funny Pool Floats

While I must admit this float looks mighty comfortable for lounging, if you are looking for a float that provides a little more fun, check out this bull float—made famous by Sofia Vergara—that you can ride in the pool.

Looks like I did it but I didnt😂

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Not your speed? There’s a plethora of unusual pool floats out there calling your name.

Like this giant swan…


And this giant pizza…


This strawberry frosted donut actually looks delicious, but we advise against taking a nibble.


And haven’t you always wanted to float on a giant pretzel?


Happy floating!

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