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Jessica Biel has a ridiculously posh kid-friendly restaurant

Posted at 3:47 PM, Jan 25, 2017

Imagine a glorious brunch, with decadent food and refreshing, bubbly mimosas. Now imagine that same brunch with kids. Might as well save time and just pour juice all over the table.

I take my kids to brunch after Sunday service every week. I don’t know why, as it is pure torture. But I just can’t let my champagne dreams die—I want the lemon ricotta pancakes and goat cheese omelet and endless pitcher of mimosas. I want my kids to sit quietly and eat their own food and color their placemat and enjoy brunch. Why can’t they just enjoy brunch?

Because they’re kids. Kids be kids. Jessica Biel knows this, and now I want to be her best friend, because she has answered mine and every other parent’s poached egg-filled prayers.

Welcome to Au Fudge. The name alone is brilliant – “AWWW FUDGE!” Brilliant.

Jessica Biel and her partners, stylist-designer Estee Stanley and author-producer Kimberly Muller, opened Au Fudge in West Hollywood in March of 2016. The posh eatery is a kid-friendly, yet still fabulous wonderland with fantastic cocktails and an organic menu catering to kids and adults alike. In addition to family-friendly fare, Au Fudge has a treehouse, tiny kid-sized toilets and even an arcade.

All that is great, but here is the real kicker: For moms and dads with kiddos, Au Fudge offers professional au pairs on-site. Meaning, you get to enjoy a stress-free Bloody Mary while your kids get their groove on in the designated creative space supervised by nannies.

See? A dream come true.


Sundays call for mother daughter time 💕 @harunabarbiegirl @zooeyinthecity #aufudge #brunch

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As if that dream wasn’t beautiful enough, Au Fudge gives mamas another reason to smile. In addition to good food and on-site nannies, Au Fudge offers lots of community events—think cooking classes, drum circles and storytime.

Now, if we can just get this fab idea franchised across the country. Jessica?

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