Excited 'Price is Right' contestant nearly knocks Drew Carey off stage

Posted at 9:49 AM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 05:27:02-05

Anyone who has watched “The Price Is Right” has dreamed of hearing “COME ON DOWN” alongside their name—but one contestant recently got a little too excited to be on the popular game show.

On the episode that aired Jan. 24, a woman named Sona was so thrilled to have made it onstage to play for prizes that she bounded up the steps and jumped on host Drew Carey. Carey, who obviously wasn’t expecting the full-contact hug. Carey lost his balance, causing both he and Sona to fall, nearly off the stage.

Cue the audience shrieking, followed by dead silence falling over the theater. Watch the nearly disastrous moment below.

Luckily, the usually good-natured Carey laughed at the whole affair.

“The Price Is Right” announcer, George Gray, also had fun with the accident, saying, “Sona, do not break the host or our set,” before announcing she had a chance to win a brand-new car.

And while Sona did not win the car, she did win $3,000. Plus she’ll always have the clip of the time she nearly caused the host of “The Price Is Right” to fall into the audience.

This wasn’t the first time during his 10 years of hosting the show that Carey has had a blooper involving full-body contact.

There was the time an overexcited contestant named Christopher picked Carey up, threw him over his shoulder and spun him around in circles, before accidentally dropping the host as he put him back down. But the helpful contestant scooped Carey right back onto his feet, apologizes profusely and gives him a big kiss on the cheek for good measure.

And there was the time a running contestant tripped on one of the set’s rugs, diving head first into Gray, the announcer, knocking them both into a TV. Luckily, celebrity guest model Chrissy Teigen was there to help! And Carey was beside himself with laughter.

Not so funny? The time Carey got kneed by an over-excited contestant. Ouch!

We assume that, at this point in his hosting career, Carey is ready for anything. And has good collision insurance.

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