Dish Network May Owe You $1,200-But You Have To Answer The Phone

Posted at 9:02 AM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-22 11:07:24-04

It’s one of those phone calls that sound like a scam: someone is telling you how Dish Network may owe you $1,200. Your first instinct may be to immediately hang up. But, hold the phone — literally — because fortune could actually be in your favor!

Recently, Dish Network lost a class-action lawsuit filed by more than 18,000 people who sued the company over violations against the National Do Not Call Registry law. According to the complaint, representatives from Dish Network knowingly called people on the do-not-call list between May 11, 2010 and August 1, 2011.

As a result, a court ruled against the satellite TV company and ordered them to pay out a $61.3 million settlement.

However, according to the attorney representing consumers in the lawsuit, nearly 70 percent of affected people have not responded to claim their settlement. Why? It appears many people who have received phone calls, letters or post cards informing them of the payout believed it was a scam.

“What we are trying to do is establish the connect between ourselves and the class members,” attorney John Barrett told The Penny Hoarder. “We want to establish that connection so that when the time comes six to 12 months from now, we can connect with them easily and get them paid.”

If you think you might be entitled to a claim, but don’t have the claim ID or PIN code sent out, then you can visit the claims website to enter your information and see if you’re eligible. But, hurry. You need to file your claim by June 18, 2018 to receive payment.

Have you gotten any annoying sales calls since joining the Do Not Call Registry?

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