Cops join fun on kids' illegal slip and slide

Posted at 4:44 PM, Jul 07, 2017
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Staying cool in the summer often requires some creativity. And residents in Asheville, North Carolina certainly used their imagination on a recent hot day!

During their Fourth of July festivities, a group of neighbors decided to turn their street into a slip and slide. Using trash bags, they created their own homemade water park. And the kids were having a blast going down the slide—until a neighbor called the cops to complain about the”‘illegal slip-and-slide.”

The police officers promptly arrived. But instead of shutting down the slide and taking away the kids’ slippery fun, they joined right in! Yep, apparently they took an oath to protect and serve… and slide!

How cool is that? The kids probably thought they were going to get in trouble and lose their awesome slide, but instead the police officers joined right in the fun. Hey, who doesn’t love a water slide?

And, as for the “illegality” of the slip-and-slide? According to ABC WLOS News 13, “The officers told the residents that the slide was far enough over to the side that vehicles could safely get past. No citations were issued.”

Cops Praised On Social Media

It’s clear that the community appreciated the police officers and their positive attitude, as the story has gone viral and received plenty of praise:

And some people think that the neighbors who called into complain were merely party poopers. For example:

Ouch. So, apparently Twitter really does not like people who call the cops and ruin summertime fun!

What about you? Would you call and complain if you saw someone playing on a homemade slip and slide in your neighborhood? Or would you join in? Hey, when it’s 90 degrees out, anything goes. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

h/t: Hello Giggles

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