Breyers to launch low-calorie ice cream

Posted at 4:19 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-09 02:16:14-04

Have you seen all the low-calorie ice cream options popping up in your grocery’s freezer aisle? Brands such as Halo Top, Arctic Zero and more have released low calorie, high-protein ice cream. And now, Breyers is getting in on the action.

Theirnew Delights line boasts vanilla bean, mint chip, cookies ‘n cream and creamy chocolate all for 330 calories or less per pint! Pass us a spoon!

This may be the first time the brand has launched low calorie versions of classic flavors. But it isn’t the first time they’ve ventured into the territory of “healthy” frozen treats.

Courtesy Breyers

According to their website, they recently launched two non-dairy flavors. Both sound completely amazing, by the way. There’s vanilla peanut butter and Oreo cookies ‘n cream made with almond milk as non-dairy options.

Courtesy Breyers

Breyers also offers products with no sugar added, half the fat and fewer carbs.

This company may not be known for healthy options in the way that competing brands such as Halo Top are. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t create some down right amazing low-calorie treats.

Ok, these ice creams are meant to be “healthy” alternatives for regular ice cream. However, you still have to be sure to eat them in moderation and resist the temptation to sit down with a spoon and a pint and get to work.

Although, according to reviews, they do taste pretty great.

Unexpected Side Effects From Low-Calorie Ice Cream?

You see, most low-calorie ice cream manufacturers use either stevia or erythritol as a sugar substitute.

According to The New York Post, “In some people, erythritol can cause diarrhea and headaches, especially when consumed in large quantities.”

And a recent study from Cornell University also points to erythitol as a potential cause for weight gain.

So, just be sure to keep this in mind when selecting your dessert. A little bit of ice cream versus a whole lot of it is always the healthier option, no matter what kind you eat.

But, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to get fewer calories in the process. Look out for Breyers take on low calorie deliciousness to hit stores in August.

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