5 funny pranks to pull on Easter, because it's also April Fool's Day

Posted at 12:53 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-31 22:43:45-04
Here are some great pranks you can pull on Easter that they’ll never seen coming:

1. Wrap grapes in chocolate egg wrappers.

One of the best parts about Easter is the candy. Everything is in the shape of an egg or a bunny, and since many people give up sweets or chocolate for Lent, digging into a bunch of the sweet stuff is such a treat come Easter Sunday.

Well, lots of miniature chocolate eggs are the exact same size and shape as a grape, so wrap some up in their wrapping, and a poor, unsuspecting fool expecting a chocolatey treat will be met with a healthy snack instead. Money Saving Mom shared this great idea on Facebook:

2. Put some not-so-great surprises in the eggs for an Easter egg hunt.

Swap out the money, small toys or candy you might typically put in plastic Easter eggs for kids in favor of decidedly less-exciting items like veggies or fruit. We can’t be held responsible if your child has a meltdown after the Easter egg hunt, though!


Oh, Honestly!


3. Dye an uncooked Easter egg.

This April Fool’s Day prank is only a good idea if you don’t mind the cleanup that goes along with it. If you dye an uncooked Easter egg, someone will get a messy surprise when they go to peel a raw egg

4. Put jelly beans in your ice dispensers.

Next to chocolate bunnies and Peeps, jelly beans are probably the most iconic Easter candy. If you’re entertaining this holiday, your guests will be completely confused when a bunch of jelly beans come out of the ice dispenser.

5. Make some disappointing Easter baskets.

Just like with the fake-out Easter eggs, your kids will surely be shocked if they open their Easter basket in the morning, only to find nothing but practical items like toothpaste and vitamins. This isn’t as mean as Jimmy Kimmel telling his daughter he ate her Halloween candy, but it’s up there!

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