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23 tweets about parenting at mealtime that make us LOL

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jan 24, 2017

Let’s face it—even though parenting is tough, it’s also full of hysterical “can’t-make-this-up” moments. Many people use social media to post about funny things their kids said and did. We uncovered some of the funniest tweets out there about parenting at mealtime, because even though we may have the best intentions and want to be Julia Child in the kitchen, it doesn’t always (read: it rarely) happens. So when we found the below, we were secretly very happy that others could relate.

1. We Want Our Kids To Have Well-Balanced, Home-Cooked Meals, But…

2. We Also Want Them To Be Happy

3. We Have Great Intentions, But It Doesn’t Always Happen

4. And Our Kids Notice When Things Aren’t Exactly Right

5. We Try To Save Money And Be Practical

6. Inevitably, We Make Mistakes

7. Even When We Want To Impress Other Parents, We Have To Improvise

8. And When We Do Make Our Kids A Meal, This Happens

9. Or, Even Better, This

10. Or This

11. Yep, Kids Can Be Finicky Eaters

12. And We Wonder How They Can Live On Snacks And Snacks Alone

13. Yet Some Days, We Fool Them

14. And Kids Have Great Food-Related Ideas, Too

15. Other Times, We Try To Take Them Out To Eat

16. Then There Are Times We Curse The Food Network

17. After All Those Attempted Mealtimes Come Other Rituals—And Successes

18. As A Parent, We Learn It’s About The Little Things

19. It’s Also About The Little Things When We Visit Friends Without Kids

20. And, Just Like Our Kids, We Need Fuel, Too

21. Even If Our Kids Don’t Get It

22. Sometimes, We Just Give Up

23. And We May Think We’re Still The Stay-Out-All-Night Adults We Used To Be, But…

There you have it. Chances are, you could relate to some of those. We certainly don’t feel as bad anymore—because now we know we’re not the only parents who sometimes “make” pre-cooked food and pass it off as our own. One things’s for sure: As challenging as mealtimes with our kids can be, we wouldn’t trade them, or our kids, for anything.

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