15 genius DIY ways to disguise eyesores around your house

Posted at 10:29 AM, Feb 27, 2017
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Looking to reupholster that old furniture with the fabric you detest, hide that ugly septic tank or block that pesky utility panel from view? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve found 15 genius ways to disguise eyesores around your house.

1. Chalkboard Paint In The Garage

Garage doors tend to have a habit of always getting dirty. Try painting the door with chalkboard paint for a creative solution to this problem!


2. Paint Upholstered Furniture

Fabric on a chair can go out of style pretty quickly, but chairs themselves tend to be more timeless. Transform your upholstered furniture by painting the fabric to create a brand-new look! Learn how to recreate this look here.

3. Metallic Sharpie Makeover

Fix rusted metal with gold metallic Sharpie pens—good as new! It’s as simple as it looks; learn more here.


4. Transform Your Dog’s Crate

Have your dog sleep in style with this adorable crate cover. Get one from Amazon starting at $87.29!


5. Give Your Cat (Or Dog) This Cabinet/Cathouse Combo

Don’t forget about your cat! Give them some privacy with this cabinet/cathouse combo. Get one on Amazon for $99.99.


6. Hide Your Paper Towels

Paper towels are an essential in the kitchen, but they don’t provide the best decoration. Cleverly hide yours with this wood paper towel dispenser. Get it on Amazon for $49.95.


7.  Hide A Septic Vent In The Garden With A Birdbath

Septic vents are definitely a major eyesore in the garden. Disguise yours with this birdbath from Amazon for $199.95.


8. Cover Up Tile Backsplash With Paint

The tile backsplash in your kitchen can make an enormous difference to your kitchen’s overall look! Don’t spend a fortune on new tile—just paint your tile backsplash. Learn how to DIY here.


9. Update Your Fireplace With Spray Paint In Just One Day

Try this easy one-day task to transform your fireplace from eyesore to masterpiece! Learn how here.


10. Tuck Outdoor Trash Cans In A Weather-Safe Storage Shed

Protect your trash cans in style with a weather-safe storage shed! Get this one here for $115.99.


11. Block A Utility Panel From View

Make a DIY utility box cover that won’t get you in trouble with your utility company! Learn how here.


12. Give An Old Appliance A Sleek Stainless-Steel Look

Try using contact paper on an old appliance to get the stainless-steel look for a fraction of the cost!


13. Transform An Ikea Bookcase

Take an Ikea bookcase to the next level by adding crown molding and trim. Learn how here.


14. Make A Drum Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture Cover-Up

Learn how to cover up everyone’s least favorite ceiling light fixture. Learn the easy DIY steps here.


15. Hide An Oddly Placed Light Switch In Plain Sight By Making It The Center Of A Gallery Wall

There’s no better hiding place than in plain sight! Learn how to make your own gallery wall here.


[h/t: Buzzfeed]

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