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Fright Nights takes on Christmas at South Florida Fairgrounds

Three themed haunted houses
Posted at 10:28 AM, Oct 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-11 10:28:29-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Haunts filled with creepy characters, scare zones, carnival rides, live entertainment and food. It's called Fright Nights and has been scaring people at the South Florida Fairgrounds for two decades.

Fright Nights creative Director Craig McInnis said this year they were fortunate enough to get extra talent from a haunted house that shut down in Boca Raton.

"If people were familiar with Enigma Haunt in Boca that is not here this year. We've gathered some of their finest actors and actor trainers. We got a real shot in the arm from Enigma and that has just brought us to a new level of acting," McInnis said.

At this year's event, there are three haunts, including an evil take on Christmas featuring maniacal elves, moving floors, half-dead Christmas trees, and a terrifying graveyard.

Haunted House Themes

1) Dead of Winter

"The dark and longest nights of the year bring out the ghosts of Christmas past. From the haunting songs of carolers to the grotesque and mischievous elves, and the bone-chilling cold of old man winter. Also not to mention the macabre stories passed down through generations."

2) Country Bills Meat Market
"Come on down to Country Bills. We got some cuts of meat that are plum worth the money. Heck – these are the finest slabs this side of the Mason-Dixon line!"

3) Siren’s Revenge
"The horrid curse runs rampant through Scylla, undead sirens infesting every corner. A town unknowingly built upon a cursed siren’s tomb is now reaping a sinister fate. Unwary travelers find themselves lured by the charm of the siren song, only to find bloodthirsty beings surfacing from the depths of dark waters. Enchanting predators have set the bait and now an angry ocean threatens to overtake the vulnerable island and wash your very soul out to sea."

Admission starts at $40/person (includes 30 Fright Tickets). Each haunt costs 10 tickets. Parking is $10/car.