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Explore the Roar! Dinosaurs are back at the Cox Science Center

Posted at 7:55 AM, Sep 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-15 09:43:29-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Prepare your paleontology gear! Thursday morning WPTV NewsChannel 5 got a sneak peek at the new dinosaur exhibit opening today at the Cox Science Center.

"'Dinosaur Explorer,' it actually takes us through time. And we explore all the dinosaurs obviously, but it actually compares it to humans. So we can see how our body temperature is compared to theirs. We can actually explore their brains compared to ours. We can see what it would be like to walk with a dinosaur. And there's a lot of virtual elements to this," said Chris Ortiz who is the assistant director of education and STEAM at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium.

There are dynamic animatronic displays and several kid-friendly activities.

"You get to design your own dinosaur, which is really awesome. You get to see it interact with other dinosaurs with a giant sandpit. That you can actually take and build the landscape for the dinosaurs. You can walk with the dinosaurs. So we've got a lot going on in this exhibit on I think it's really awesome," Ortiz said.

Dino Island is a topography exhibit where you can change sea level and see what creatures and volcanos appear.

Kids can color their own dinosaur and make it appear in virtual reality.

In the Fizzy Dino Egg experiment, kids can watch dinosaurs hatch.

"We're going to have dinosaur eggs, so they're actually made of baking soda. And we're going to use vinegar to dissolve them so you can see what kind of surprised dinosaur you have inside," said Ortiz.

There are two augmented reality exhibits. In one, you can walk and pet a duckbilled dinosaur. In the other, a dinosaur head forms on top of your head.

Dinosaurs are popping up all over Palm Beach County including the Nordstrom Court at The Gardens Mall and at baggage claim at Palm Beach International Airport.