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Edible crickets one of many treats at Bulk Candy Store

History of Candy Tour explains origin story
Posted at 12:06 PM, Apr 23, 2024
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What to know:

  • History of Candy Tours runs on weekdays and on Saturdays.
  • The store makes chocolate candy and popcorn products.
  • The Bulk Candy Store offers nostalgic, hard-to-find candies.

Unique family-operated businesses, like the Bulk Candy Store, are why we live in South Florida. They've been in Palm Beach County for around 30 years.
I first noticed them at the South Florida Fair, they always have that big tent on the midway corner behind the Expo Center.

They offer old-school candies like Baby Ruths, wax bottles, candied cigarettes, Charleston Chews, and many many more.

"We actually make Liquid Candy upstairs, make 40 varieties of freeze-dried [candies like Skittle's] which is very hot right now," Brian Shenkman, of the Bulk Candy Store, said. "We do about 20 varieties of fudge, we make about 80 varieties of flavored popcorns and now we're doing our own chocolates here in-house."

They even offer weird, hard-to-find snacks like Sour Cream and Onion Crickets.

WATCH: T.A. Walker eats a cricket snack

CRICKET SNACK: Watch T.A. Walker try one at the Bulk Candy Store

When we paid our visit, the family made me custom peanut butter cups with the WPTV logo on them and a cup with my husband and I on it. I kept thinking these custom treats would be perfect to delight guests at a wedding, bat mitzvah or corporate party.

You can make a reservation to take The History of Candy tour where you can learn how your favorite candies are made and packaged and have candy samples. The tour is $12.95 for adults, $8.95 for kids and free for children three and younger.

WATCH: Take The History of Candy Tour

History of candy tour at Bulk Candy Store in West Palm Beach

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