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Clinics Can Help connects community to free medical equipment, supplies

'We have a policy of universal availability, meaning we help anyone,' Owen O’Neill says
Posted at 12:43 PM, Jun 01, 2023

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Clinics Can Help is a non-profit organization in West Palm Beach that recycles medical equipment and supplies and then distributes them to those in need.

"Recycling medical equipment. Such a simple concept, but no one was doing it. That is how Clinics Can help was born," Owen O’Neill, Clinics Can Help founder and CEO, said.

This year, Clinics Can Help (CCH) is celebrating 11 years of full-time service in Palm Beach County. The organization serves over 18,000 children and adults since their modest launch from a tiny storage closet in 2002 to the warehouse and office space they now have.

In the year of 2021 alone, they assisted over 3,200 children and adults and over 200 not-for-profit agencies, the organization said.

"I worked as a nurse for over 24 years and saw many patients struggle, because they didn't have access to essential medical equipment and supplies, they needed for their recovery," O'Neill said. "Without a means to pay for a hospital bed, a wheelchair or an oxygen concentrator, they would often return to the hospital, in worse condition than before."

The non-profit has those in need fill out a one-page form in person or on their website

"We have a policy of universal availability, meaning we help anyone who needs access to medical equipment," O'Neill said. "Access to that equipment is a tipping point in medical care."

The organization said donations are always needed and is encouraging teenagers, who need help accumulating their volunteer hours, to help out.