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Boca Raton private school offers discounted tuition for those in need

Foam parties are one of the fun activities at the Fuller Center
Foam party at the Fuller Center
Posted at 11:53 AM, Aug 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-24 16:05:34-04

BOCA RATON, Fla. — The Fuller Academy in Boca Raton said its tuition for the entire year costs $8,500, but most children in under-served communities can go at no cost using the Step-Up Scholarship.

The Fuller Center started the private school when the COVID-19 pandemic hit because parents couldn't afford to stay home and the center didn't want the kids to have a learning loss.

"We are so lucky to have a community that really values what we do and the importance of education is for children that don't have those opportunities," said Ellyn Okrent who is the CEO of the Fuller Center.

Foam Parties are an occasional fun activity at the Fuller Center donated by

Foam Party at the Fuller Center in Boca Raton

With that low price point on tuition, you may be wondering how they afford to provide opportunities to students.

"We have a wonderful, amazing board of directors and amazing foundations and the support of this community. We raised $3 million a year. So if there's anyone that's listening that really wants to be a part of what we do, that would be terrific. But that's how we do it. We have to raise the money to support the children and families in our community that we count on," said Okrent.

The Fuller Center has many programs benefiting the hard workers of south Palm Beach County. They pick up from 12 elementary schools for aftercare and more.

"We are a center that meets the needs not only of the children but of the families in our community, who are the essential workers who meet our needs in this community. When when we all went down in this pandemic, we stood up and our family stood up and they went to work every day and we stayed open for them every day. And we really realized how important the service that we provide is for all of us," Okrent said.

"We provide opportunities that [the students] can't otherwise obtain. The hard-working parents in our community know they can send their children here where they're well cared for. They receive a great education, which allows them to succeed in Junior High High School and onwards into college," said Simone Spiegel who serves at the president of the board of directors for the Fuller Center.

"What makes us unique is our Family Support Program. We not only provide education and great opportunities for our children, but we support our families holistically so that they can be successful and they can be positive contributors to our community and our local economy and more the workforce behind the workforce here," said Okrent.