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Beekeeping experience at PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens allows guests to harvest honey

This tour is available for ages 6 and up and costs $125 per person
Posted at 1:40 PM, Jun 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-08 13:42:05-04

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Have you heard all the buzz at PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens? It’s a beekeeping experience. This morning T.A. Walker is Shining A Light on the nearly 250,000 honey bees and how you can 'bee' a part of this sweet-tastic experience.
WATCH: How to be a beekeeper for a day

How to be a beekeeper for a day

PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens has four beehives around their golf courses. Their bee program is all about bee health and bee sustainability. And you can get up close to their nearly 250,000 honey bees.

During the beekeeper experience, guests harvest honey, taste raw honey out of the comb and learn how honey bees interact with people and wildlife.

"During the hour you can see what it looks like you can taste honey straight out of the frames. We'll even go down into the bottom boxes where you can possibly see the Queen see the baby bees and see all the work that happens inside the hive," said PGA Resort beekeeper Sierra Malnove.

As part of the resort's sustainability efforts, the honey is harvested and used in culinary, beverage offerings, and spa treatments.

Malnove said keeping bees at the resort is important.

"Native bees are really struggling the most. But keeping bees here at the PGA National Resort helps bring awareness, " Malnove said. "It helps us talk about practices used to keep bees, native and non-native, and wasps and flies—all of our pollinators safe."

The Beekeeping Experience includes:

  • A protective beekeeping suit is provided for comfort and safety to wear during the experience
  • A guided tour of our proprietary hives with professional beekeeper Sierra Malnove
  • Insights into what keeps bees healthy, happy, safe, and productive 
  • Raw honeycomb tasting 

This tour is available for ages six and up, for up to six people and costs $125 per person.