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Actor drives boat with feet while singing

Lynn University's 12th annual Celebration of the Arts set to dazzle
Posted at 12:30 PM, Apr 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-17 12:30:27-04

What to know:

  • Tickets start at $35, plus $5 service charge. Buy tickets here.
  • 90-minute showcase of musical theater, pop, and classical performances, alongside captivating dance routines.
  • A diverse array of songs and medleys, spanning various artists and genres From J-Lo and Tina Turner to Mamma Mia.

Wednesday, we got to meet the actors featured in Lynn University's 12th annual Celebration of the Arts.
They got up early to practice with us on Today On 5's "Shining A Light" segment and showed off an impressive array of costumes, props, and set pieces.

One of the pieces was a motorized boat that appeared to drive itself, but that's not the case!

Actor and B.F.A drama student, "Marley", plays Rapunzel. And as she is singing, her and her love interest are in a boat as it glides across the stage. The actor is singing and controlling the direction of the boat with her feet.

There are two pedals and she presses them both at the same time to go forward and only one to turn in the direction of her choosing. An impressive feat of coordination while singing and acting at the same time.

As an aside, in my step-mother-in-law's real car, she presses both pedals at the same time all the time... It drives me CRAZY! #carsick UGGGGG!!!

Watch as I drive the boat for the first time (Listen as Elvis, my photographer partner, provides sound effects at the end):

The school is putting on two performances next Thursday and Friday, April 25th and April 26. What's cool is each song is around three minutes and there is no intermission. Short, sweet, to the point. Get 'er done!

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