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Watch Rick Astley’s Remake Of His Iconic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Video

Watch Rick Astley’s Remake Of His Iconic ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Video
Posted at 3:35 PM, Aug 22, 2022

Rick Astley’s hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up” came out in 1987 but became a cultural touchstone a couple decades later. The super-smooth R&B-dance track saw a resurgence in popularity when it began being used to prank people online with the Rickroll meme.

Now the British singer has done a pretty spot-on remake of the original music video for the 35-year-old song as part of an ad for AAA Insurance, complete with dancing insurance agents and his same signature moves. In case you wondered what the connection between this upbeat love song and insurance could possibly be, the company, like Astley, promises never to “let you down” or “desert you.”

Honestly, they did a pretty amazing job on recreating the now-iconic original clip. First, take a look at the original video …

Now, watch the AAA Insurance remake.

A YouTuber who posts as hungrychad even made a side-by-side comparison video so you can see how the new video captured moments like a jump off a fence and all of Astley’s outfits, which still look pretty on point all these years later.

The AAA campaign even includes a QR code link to the video topped with Astley’s poofed-out red hairdo from the 1987 video. The company says it is rolling out the “Rickified” QR codes nationwide so curious people who scan them will be treated to the new version of the old favorite.

In the new video, present-day Astley asks two other versions of himself, “Is this still a thing?” And, apparently, it is indeed. The singer is still drawing plenty of fans, proven by the fact that he was recently invited on tour with New Kids On the Block, En Vogue and Salt-N-Pepa.

When “Never Gonna Give You Up” turned 35 in July, Astley posted that he was pleased with its unexpected longevity and remarked that the song is now old enough to run for president.

“It’s really got a life of its own at this point & I just appreciate all the love, fun & laughter that surrounds it!” the 56-year-old singer tweeted.

“Paying homage to my video for the AAA Insurance commercial — from the set to the wardrobe — has been an amazing trip down memory lane,” Astley said in a press release about the new ad campaign. “The song has been so good to me, and I’m thrilled to be working with another iconic brand that has certainly stood the test of time.”

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