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People Are Recreating Disney Rides In Their Homes For A Quarantine ‘staycation’

Posted at 4:40 PM, Mar 26, 2020

I am a major Disney Parks fanatic. I love going to Walt Disney World and enjoy planning trips there almost as much as visiting the parks. For those of us who are diehard fans, we often love watching videos of our favorite rides and attractions and even listening to theme park music to give us that magical vacation feeling. Now that all the Disney theme parks around the world are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are park fans who are taking their love for Disney to the next level.

Why watch videos of a favorite Disney parks’ ride or attraction when you can recreate them at home? Yes, families are actually working together to set up their homes to be iconic attractions from Disney theme parks, with each room capturing classic moments from rides. Some people are even finding ways to design their own ride vehicles.

Of course, these at-home Imagineers are recording their creative efforts and sharing them on social media to inspire others who are looking for stay-cation inspiration. And we’re here for it.

Andy Guinigundo’s family spent hours building their homemade version of “it’s a Small World,” one of Disney’s most popular rides. It’s complete with a “Disney” cast member greeting them before they get on their boat and a couple eating at the restaurant that sits over the boat ride as it sails away. From there, the video is filled with music, dolls, and family members acting out popular scenes from the ride.

The Pirates ride Guinigundo mentioned came from a Facebook video posted by Julie Foster Thornock. Her family went to great lengths to recreate Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” dark ride and then shared it with the world. The video went viral for its creativity (even the family dog got in on the action!)

DISCLAIMER: There is a section of this video that shows riders on a sled going down a flight of stairs to mimic the drop in Pirates. Neither I nor my Simplemost colleagues think this is a safe idea. Remember, no one wants to be going to a hospital now with an injury! Hospitals are already feeling the strain of their own patients plus an incoming rush of COVID-19 cases.

Beyond the stairs part, which we recommend you just skip if you decide to be inspired by this video, this recreation of Pirates is brilliant. From the “Cast Member’s” speech before the ride begins to the chase scenes later on, you can see the love this family has for a Disney favorite!

And while the “Pirates” video may be one of the most popular on the internet, we tracked down a Disney superfan who posted a #homemadedisney video even before that one that took off to new heights! Say hello to Jess Siswick aka @tinymallet on Twitter. Her at-home version of Disneyland’s “Soarin’ Over California” helped get the Disney “staycations” trend off the ground!

Want to see more creative Disney fans build their own versions of rides at home? Check out #HomemadeDisney on Twitter to see others’ fun “staycation” ideas!

You’ll find home-based recreations of attractions such as The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (complete with naughty people in line), Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (complete with napping guest) and even the entire Disneyland Fantasyland!

One Twitter user, @sukesuke1988 from Japan, is building a variety of at-home Disney attractions and sharing them. As a Disney fan, I give the stretching room from the Haunted Mansion a 12 out of 10 on the magical creativity chart!

These are so fun — and funny! Does this help tame your Disney desires, or make you want to travel to visit the parks even more?

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