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Peeps Announced Their Halloween-themed Flavors, And They’ll Get You Excited For Fall

Peeps Announced Their Halloween-themed Flavors, And They’ll Get You Excited For Fall
Posted at 3:17 PM, Jul 26, 2019

Peeps are not just for Easter anymore. Everyone’s favorite seasonal spring candy is quickly becoming a must-have Halloween candy. And, lucky for us, Peeps has just revealed that they are releasing four spooky and sweet treats this fall.

The Peeps marshmallow Spooky Cats will be back by popular demand, says Peeps’ parent company, Just Born Quality Confections. These adorable cat-shaped marshmallow treats seem like must-haves as soon as they’re available in stores.

Just Born Quality Confections

Want something a little scarier? Try these Peeps in the shape of Frankenstein’s monster, which will also be returning this Halloween. These Peeps marshmallow Monsters are almost too cute to eat … almost!

Just Born Quality Confections

Peeps will also bring back its ghost and pumpkin shapes this Halloween. And really, all of these Peeps will be the perfect decorative addition to any Halloween baked goods you make at home.


You can get creative, or just check out Betty Crocker’s recipe (which is so easy it’s scary) for some bootiful Halloween party cupcakes featuring these Peeps as fun toppers. Whether you are serving these at a party or bringing in treats to your kids’ school, these cupcakes are sure to be a hit, and your kids can definitely help you decorate them.


The recipe calls for Betty Crocker Super Moist chocolate fudge cake mix and a container of Betty’s pre-made icing, plus sprinkles and the Halloween Peeps for decorating. Just mix up the batter, pop in the oven, let cool and decorate!

It’s all so simple that you’ll have plenty of time left over to work on costumes (or make yourself a Halloween-inspired cocktail).

Betty Crocker

There are more ways to use Halloween Peeps to give a dessert some flair. These Rice Krispie squares from Sugar Dish Me are coated in melted chocolate and topped with Peeps ghosts, but you could mix it up and use all four of the spooky Peeps on your squares.


Wouldn’t these pretty little marshmallow pumpkins be cute on just about anything?

Just Born Quality Confections

Simply Southern Mom also has a clever idea for a Halloween party: You could create Peeps skewers featuring the different colors and spooky shapes for a delicious and edible display.

Or, simply break apart the Peeps and display them in a glass skull-shaped or pumpkin-shaped bowl for a yummy Halloween centerpiece.

You can also make a Peep-centric snack mix, as pictured in this Instagram post from the Peeps brand below:

Are you already excited about Halloween treats? They’re just a few months away!

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