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VIDEO: Santa Barbara microburst sends beachgoers scrambling for cover

Posted at 7:24 AM, Sep 05, 2017

(KEYT/CNN) - A fast-moving storm rolled through Santa Barbara, Calif., sending beachgoers scrambling for cover Sunday.

The video was taken at Hendry’s Beach as severe weather barreled through the area.

"Everybody was screaming. I could hear people screaming all over the beach. There was a lot of people that were hurt here because of the boats that were flying around," said witness Monique Martinez.


She said she was trying to get back to her car when it started to rain. The storm was mild at first, and then it started to pour.

"This wind storm with hail just threw me, dragged me by the boats to the fence where I had to hold onto the fence. I barely could hold on, because it was pushing me. There were things flying -- kayaks, boats," said Martinez.

She says her niece was injured by a flying object, possibly a kayak or boat and had to be taken to the hospital.

"It just came out of nowhere, it happened within 20 seconds, where all of a sudden it started raining and then the wind came, flipped over the kayaks and the kayaks just blew 100 feet away from us in the air," said kayaker Brett Bouchy.

He was kayaking with his young son and wife when the storm hit, tossing his entire group into the water.

"It was a scary two minutes there, it felt like hours, I'm glad everyone is fine and accounted for," said witness Meghan Bicomong.

Video shows people walking around in a daze as winds picked up umbrellas, blankets chairs tossed by the storm.

The storm is believed to be a microburst, which is a sudden localized and powerful air current. Microbursts can behave in similar ways to a tornado and can cause similar damage.

Courtesy: KEYT via CNN Newsource