VIDEO: Massive waterspout forms over Black Sea

Posted: 12:13 PM, Jul 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-25 16:17:10Z

(NBC) - A massive waterspout rising above the Black Sea mesmerized people on a Russian beach last week.

Several people filmed the waterspout near the coast of a Russian resort town of Arkhipo-Osipovka on July 20.

Waterspouts are relatively rare in this region, but this is the second one spotted in the Black Sea recently. Fishermen came across another one on July 16.

Dangers of Waterspouts

Waterspouts should not be taken lightly. Some can cause significant damages and injuries to people, according to the National Weather Service.

If you see one, the National Weather Service says move at a 90-degree angle to its apparent movement and never get close enough to investigate.

Earlier this month, a waterspout was caught on camera off Juno Beach , which later made landfall as a tornado.

Courtesy of NBC News Channel