Python eats prey that is too large, rescued by locals in India

Posted at 4:56 PM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 16:56:24-04

A python in India quite literally bit off much more than he could chew, or at least, digest.

The mammoth constrictor was able to get its prey in, but was then quickly immobilized by the sheer size and weight of it.

Forest officials were then called into assist by residents who found the snake in India's northern Rampur district.

At first, the python was released into a nearby river, but quickly retrieved and brought back by residents.

Forest officers then transported the snake to a nearby jungle location and re-released.

Pythons are widely found in india and known to be one of the largest snakes in the world.

They are normally not considered dangerous to humans, but have enough muscle power to overcome and swallow large animals such as fawns or calves.

It's not clear what this python had eaten.