Exclusive: Struggles continue at Isla Grande Airport in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - At the Isla Grande Airport in San Juan, there are crowds of people trying to get off hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

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"Everybody just wants to leave," said Mario Perez.

He says he'd like to leave because staying on the island is unbearable.


"(There's very little) cash, food, gas, diesel, all sources of necessities," said Perez.

He is one of hundreds waiting in the heat.

Jenny Fernandez lost her beach house, now she and her children have booked a flight to Washington, D.C.

Fernandez has mixed emotions about leaving.

"It's very sad because I don't want to leave my island, but I'm leaving my island because I love my children," said Fernandez.

Following Hurricane Maria, the airport has been overwhelmed with flights coming in and out.

Crews are dropping off supplies to aid in recovery efforts.

"Effort is definitely there bringing it in," said volunteer Emmanuel Perez.

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