Disturbance off Florida coast could become Tropical Storm Irma

Posted at 9:17 AM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 06:00:07-04

A tropical disturbance off the coast of South Carolina is heading north/northeast up the east coast.

There will only be a short window of opportunity for this disturbance to become a tropical depression or Tropical Storm Irma over the next couple of days.

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Although winds for this disturbance are at 40 mph, which are tropical storm strength, hurricane hunters have not been able to find a closed center of circulation.  This is why it isn't a named storm yet.

The window of opportunity for this to become Tropical Storm Irma is closing fast.

Regardless of development, this disturbance has very gusty winds and could cause some flooding for the Carolinas and Virginia. 

Rainfall totals could reach 9 inches in coastal communities for those states.

A tropical storm watch is in effect along the coast of South Carolina and part of southern North Carolina, and a tropical storm warning is in effect for the rest of the North Carolina coast.