Amazon Echo helps make life easier for this blind couple

Posted at 3:30 PM, Dec 05, 2018

Technology is constantly evolving, and often times, it makes things more convenient.

Charley Sullivan uses smart technology a lot, specifically her Amazon Echo.

The Echo’s virtual assistant, Alexa, will read Charley’s emails aloud to her, check the weather and more.

She thought it’d be a great gift for her husband, Bobby, but he knew she’d enjoy it more.

“I knew how much she was going to use that thing,” he says. “I mean, she uses it to read her bible listened to radio programs; she plays games on it.” 

Amazon’s Alexa has brought convenience to homes everywhere, by playing music, checking the news, ordering groceries and more. But it’s especially helpful when you can't see.

Both Charley and Bobby are blind.

“Well, it's so wonderful,” Charley says of the device. “And when I was a child, we had braille, and we had books on records.”

Now, the two are using Alexa, along cell phones and an Apple watch to make life easier.

While they wish the technology could do even more, the two are grateful.

“If you are going to be blind, this is the time, the day and time to be blind, with all the technology that there is out there today,” Charley says.