3 ways to use virtual reality to decorate your home

Posted at 11:38 AM, Nov 16, 2016

Decorating can be difficult, but now there's new tech that lets you virtually design everything in your home.

Kristina Guerrero has three revolutionary ways to give your home a glamorous makeover.

1.  Decorilla

You start out by sending in photos, dimensions, and your style preferences to Decorilla and then you get virtual reality goggles with virtual reality designs. Their fees start out at $455 and go up from there. In the end most of their clients actually save more than they spend on the design fees because of the furniture discounts offered at many popular stores.

2.  iStaging

People don't buy clothing without trying it on so why purchase furniture without knowing what it will look like? With their augmented reality app you can preview furniture and decor in your space. If you like the way something looks then you have the option to purchase it.

3.  Havenly

You pick out a room and then answer a series of questions with this design service. Then give them a budget and they create a 3D drawing of your space decorated. Havenly’s services start out at $79 and go up from there.

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