Wife of singer Dickey Betts accused of pointing rifle at rowing team near Sarasota

Posted at 11:38 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2019-03-26 10:22:09-04

Authorities arrested an Osprey woman accused of pointing a rifle and threatening a rowing team.

The incident happened Monday night around 5:30 p.m. as the team practiced.

Sarasota Crew head coach Casey Galvanek called 911 immediately.

"Our neighbor has a rifle and is pointing it at our kids," Galvanek told the dispatcher.

Authorities identified the woman, holding the rifle as Donna Betts. She is the wife of well-known Allman Brothers Band co-founder, Dickey Betts.

"We've got hundreds of kids here. She's pointing the gun at one of my coaches," Galvanek told 911.

He continued, "now she's about to point it at me".

The arrest report stated Donna Betts threatened to shoot anyone who got onto her property. The Betts' dock is right next to the dock the rowing team uses for practice.

"There's a restraining order against this neighbor and she's on the dock with a rifle right now, pointing it towards the kids," Galvanek told 911.

The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast got the injunction against the Betts about three years ago. They own the property and gave the team permission to use their facility.

"Unfortunately we have a history with the adjacent neighbors and have done all that we can," Christine Johnson, president of Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast said.

Johnson and Galvanek said the main priority Monday night was the kids and making sure they were safe.

"It was an unfortunate event. One that's really not explainable," Johnson said.

Galvanek said they told parents about the incident immediately.

"I'm glad that words were able to disarm the situation," Galvanek said.

ABC Action News reached out to Donna Betts' family and we were told they weren't commenting because it was a private matter.

Donna Betts is facing 18 counts of aggravated assault.