"When Pigs Fly" anti-Trump mural in Miami to be taken down

Posted at 5:52 PM, Nov 12, 2016

A mural depicting President-elect Donald Trump as a flying, pantless pig along Biscayne Boulevard is being taken down Saturday.

Citing safety concerns, and at the request of the building owner, New Florida Majority and Rei Ramirez, the lead artist, have agreed to take down their mural "When Pigs Fly."

The provocative expression of political commentary was unveiled along Biscayne Boulevard and 83rd Street in Miami only a few weeks ago.

"The mural has been hugely popular with motorists and other passersby. People are constantly stopping and taking pictures," said New Florida Majority Executive Director Gihan Perera.

"However, the building's landlord and neighborhood businesses are getting a lot of pressure and are fearful of potential vandalism and harm to their businesses now that the election is over and Trump has won," said Perera.

Perera said that he, the landlord and Ramirez have discussed finding a way to replace the piece with another.

"The people of Miami, many immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean, and other vulnerable communities are feeling a lot of angst," said Perera. "Art can be inspirational and we hope that soon we'll be able to put up something that will help visually remind people that the promise of this nation and the beauty of its diversity has not been extinguished.


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