Video of apparent South Florida road rage incident goes viral

Posted at 8:48 AM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 17:41:34-04

A shocking video of an apparent road rage incident in Hialeah is going viral on social media.

While conducting a traffic stop on 49th Street and West 12th Lane, a Hialeah police officer witnessed two men fighting in the middle of a busy street.

According to the police report, the officer quickly let the car he pulled over go and went to put an end to the fight between two drivers in the midst of an apparent road rage incident.

The officer says he witnessed 24-year-old Hector Herrera holding a black baseball bat and the victim trying to prevent the bat from striking him.

The victim told police Herrera became enraged when he didn't allow him to change lanes.

The victim was then blocked in by Herrera, who exited his vehicle with the baseball bat and proceeded to smash the victim's right side passenger window.

The victim told police he became scared and attempted to drive away, but crashed into Herrera's vehicle because it was blocking him in.

The victim then exited the car and was grabbed by Herrera, who struck the victim on his right shoulder area.

The two men continued to engage in a physical fight until the officer arrived and broke it up, according to the report.

Herrera is charged with one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Courtesy of our news partner at NBC Miami