Video: Leesburg, Florida officer stops runaway car

Posted at 9:23 AM, Jun 20, 2019

LEESBURG, Fla.-- Security footage shows a Florida police officer leaping into action to save an elderly driver from her own car.

The video shows a police officer getting into his cruiser at a Leesburg gas station as a woman who'd parked next to him got out of her car.

Then her car started to roll backward.

The woman, 75-year-old Bobbie Reese, got behind it and tried her best to stop the car, but she couldn't keep her balance and fell to the pavement.

Fortunately, Leesburg officer Alex Nell realized what was happening behind him. Officials say Nell managed to prevent the car from running over Reese whose head was in the path of a rear tire.

Reese was taken to the hospital after hurting her head when she fell.

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