Tree uprooted during storm, damages cars in Deerfield Beach

Posted at 11:57 PM, Sep 19, 2016

At least five cars were crushed by a large tree in a business parking lot in Deerfield Beach Monday. 

It's not clear if the tree fell due to a tornado or strong winds. 

The most damage appeared to be off east Newport Center Drive, off southwest 10th Street. 

Several cars windshields were shattered and car roofs dented in. 

One woman described what her husband saw when the storm hit. 

"He said it was completely pitch black - trees were sideways, a couple he didn't hear it, but a couple people heard like a whistling train sound almost just coming through the parking lot."

Cleanup crews told some drivers it would be too dangerous to move their cars Monday evening. Some will have to be towed out of the parking lot.