3 more coronavirus cases confirmed in Palm Beach County

68-year-old woman from Orange County dies in California
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Posted at 2:31 AM, Mar 14, 2020

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Three more cases of coronavirus in Palm Beach County have been positively confirmed, among 25 new ones in the state, the Florida Department of Health announced just after midnight Saturday.

Of the cases, 18 are associated with South Florida -- nine in Broward County and six in Miami-Dade County. No cases have been confirmed in Indian River County, Martin County, Okeechobee County and St. Lucie Count.

The Florida Department of Health also announced the death of a 68-year-old Orange County woman in California. She tested positive in California after traveling to Asia.

In all, 75 cases have been linked to the state, including 67 Florida residents diagnosed in Florida. Eleven new cases are travel-related, including three domestic, 13 are unclear and one is not related to travel.

The state agency identified the Palm Beach County patients testing positive for COVID-19 as two cases linked to domestic travel: a 65-year-old man and a 59-year-old woman. It wasn't announced whether the two traveled together.

It's unclear whether the third case involving a 37-year-old man is travel-related. An epidemiological investigation is ongoing.

All individuals will remain isolated until cleared by public health officials.

In all, there have been five cases identified in Palm Beach County with the first two announced Thursday night: a 73-year-old man who is associated with a Nile River cruise/tour in Egypt and a 74-year-old man's case that is associated with travel to Europe.

On Friday night, Palms West Hospital in Loxahatchee confirmed that a person infected with coronavirus is being treated there, but no colleagues or caregivers have been exposed.

Two other cases have been linked to Palm Beach County.

Last Sunday, the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County announced a Pennsylvania resident who attended a Palm Beach County convention in February tested positive for the virus.

A New York man arrived at Palm Beach International Airport aboard a JetBlue flight from New York on Wednesday night. Passenger Scott Rodman told WPTV the man found out he tested positive while on the flight.

Of the nine cases in Broward County, four are travel-related and five are unclear. The men are 19, 41, 58 and 59. The women are 19, 20, 20, 22 and 83. In all, there are 20 Broward County resident who were diagnosed in the state.

In Miami-Dade, one case is travel-related to Europe and the other five are unclear. The cases include men who are 37, 42, 43, 51, and the women are 43 and 77. In all, seven Miami-Dade residenst have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the states.

The new fatality was a 68-year-old Orange County resident. The test was performed in California after traveling to Asia.

The other Florida victims who died were a patient in Santa Rosa County, Florida's Panhandle, after an international trip and a person in Lee County in his or her 70s who also traveled abroad. Both were announced seven days ago.

Elsewhere, the new cases are a 41-year-old male in Orange County, a 54-year-old man in Osceola County, 62-year-old and 67-year old women in Manatee County, a 29-year-old male in Volusia County and a 69-year-old Florida resident who is Alachua County after visiting from Europe.

The Florida Department of Health recommends all individuals experiencing symptoms, who have recently traveled through Port Everglades, to immediately contact their County Health Department or health care provider and self-isolate for 14 Days.

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The number of confirmed fatalities in the United States rose to 49 Friday, including 37 in Washington State and eight more than the day before. The cases surpassed 2,000.

Worldwide, the fatalities passed 5,400 with more than 145,000 cases, according to Johns Hopkins.

The number of cases and deaths continue to drop in Mainland China, where the outbreak started. On Saturday morning, 11 new cases and 13 deaths were announced compared with daily cases in the thousands and deaths in the hundreds at its peak. Since the virus was identified in early January, there have been more than 3,100 deaths and nearly 81,000 cases in mainland China.

The non-China case total -- 64,000 -- is nearing mainland China's ones.

Behind China are more than 1,200 deaths in Italy, 500 in Iran and 133 in Spain. No other country is in triple digits.

South Korea has passed 8,000 cases but has only 72 deaths for a .89 percent mortality rate. The country has tested around 240,000 people.