The mission of the Red Cross

'Despite COVID, disasters don’t stop'
Hurricane Florence: Link to donate to the American Red Cross to help storm victims
Posted at 1:00 PM, May 16, 2021
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For 140 years the Red Cross has stepped up when disasters strike, and that work has not stopped during the pandemic.

“Despite COVID, disasters don’t stop,” said Jennifer Durrant, the Executive Director of the Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Chapter of the Red Cross. “We’ve actually been responding more than ever.”

You see Red Cross vests and emergency vehicles out in the community during a major disaster, but work is being carried out behind the scenes all year round.

“There are so many of our services, like emergency messages, like assisting a veteran get a new service animal or get financial assistance or whatever they may need, that the community doesn’t necessarily see that, but it’s going on single every day,” said Heidi O’Sheehan, the Director of the Service to the Armed Forces & International Services for the Red Cross.

The mission of the Red Cross is funded by donors, including donations made during Steve’s Ride for the Red Cross.

“The generosity of donors is really how we deliver and do what we do in our community,” said Josett Valdez, the Regional CEO for the Red Cross.

Ninety percent of the Red Cross team is made up of volunteers.

“Without volunteers we can’t do what we do,” said Clara Correa, a longtime Red Cross volunteer.

2,100 Red Cross volunteers lend a helping hand in South Florida alone. More than 300,000 volunteers across the nation help the organization.

“We want to make sure that the people know that we are there for them in every which way and every form the Red Cross will always be there for them, Correa said. “A simple hug, to hear your story and to save them and find shelter.”

You can learn more about the Red Cross and its mission by visiting