Convenience store clerk shoots would-be robber

Posted at 3:37 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 15:37:01-05

TAMPA - Police said a clerk shot a would-be robber in the head Monday after he tried to rob Hope Food Store with a knife.

TPD says the clerk pulled out a gun and shot the suspect in the head. Emergency responders rushed the suspect to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Police later identified the suspect as 22-year-old Anthone Bryant.

Steve Hegarty of TPD said the clerk had a gun nearby and was able to take action.

"He had it right below the counter. He was apparently quite prepared for this," said Hegarty.

There was apparently one witness in the store other than the clerk, and Hegarty said their stories match up.

"The clerk appears to be fine; he is a little shaken up," said Hegarty. "Now, we're questioning him to see exactly what happened, but it seems to be fairly straight forward between the witness statement and the clerk -- Their stories are very very consistent."

The incident took place around 3 p.m. Monday at 4002 22nd Street North. Police had the entire parking lot around the store marked off with crime scene tape for several hours.

Police said there was no cause for concern after the shooting. Schools in the area are not on lockdown.

Bryant appears to be the only one injured, according to police.