Surveillance video shows woman violently robbed at a Tampa ATM, bystanders fail to help her

Posted at 11:09 AM, May 04, 2017

(WFLA, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) A robbery captured on surveillance video showed no one coming to help the victim.

Monday morning Aimee Ross was using an ATM at a Tampa store.

A man could be seen walking back and forth but Ross thought she was safe because the store was busy with clerks and customers nearby.

She was wrong.

Moments later the man grabbed Ross while a woman next to her got out of the way and then continued using the ATM.

"And once I got my money out, he was standing behind me and when I went and turned this way he went "expletive" give me your --- I had my money like this. And he went "expletive" give me your money and went this way to grab it. And pried my hands open.... And I said no," Ross recounted.

Ross said no one tried to step in or help her in any way.

"They were just standing around. I said, 'He's robbing me, he's robbing me,' and nobody was doing nothing," Ross recalled.

Ross said she's in some pain from the attack and she hopes someone recognizes the suspect.

Tampa police say people who witness a crime should call 9-1-1... but, by law, they aren't required to.