Surveillance video shows tip jar being taken from Miami restaurant

Posted: 9:41 AM, Jul 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-25 13:41:59Z

MIAMI-- Security camera footage shows the moment a Postmates delivery man was caught on tape stealing the employee tip jar at a restaurant in South Florida.

Grilled cheese eatery, Ms. Cheezious, said the theft happened Monday night at their restaurant in Miami.

They say a Postmates driver walked out with the tip jar after picking up a delivery.

The incident was caught on the restaurant's surveillance camera.

"It was approximately $200. You know it was a lot, and we were busy, and we were winding up the day. It was the end of the day," said Ms. Cheezious co-owner Christian Dickens.

He said they immediately contacted Postmates and the police about the theft but said he's disappointed in how the company handled the issue.

"Officer Clark, who is from this area, got on the phone with the representative from Postmates and said, 'We just want the tip money back, we just want the tip jar back,' and they were very unhelpful," Dickens said.

He added: "Our staff, they're so great at customer service, they're trusting, they try to deliver really great customer service and for someone to come in and blatantly steal their tips, their day's tips, they share the tips. This is the money that keeps their family."

Ms. Cheezious later posted on their Instagram that Postmates has now reached out to them to say they located the driver and his driving privileges have been revoked, although they did not release his information.