Statewide tests underway for ham radios

Posted at 5:34 AM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 05:39:43-04

With hurricane season only a few weeks away, statewide test are occurring for ham radios.

Operators emphasize the importance of the tests, noting that when the power and internet go out, ham radios are a dependable source of communication.

"It's basically resource allocation. Let's say there are 5,000 people at the shelter in Palm Beach, and we need to get them food, we need to get them water, the roads are out on I-95, people can't travel the roads,” said ham radio operator Barry Porter.
These type of tests take place three to four times a year.    

Porter says his ham radios are extremely useful during powerful hurricanes where some areas lose power for days.