South Florida man attacked by a raccoon

'I really was battling for my life'
Posted at 10:11 AM, Nov 15, 2019

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla.-- Trappers are trying to catch a raccoon after it attacked a man in Broward County.

Kevin Williams says he stepped out for a cigarette about 3:30 in the morning Monday when he saw the animal lunge at him.

He says he kicked the raccoon and it came back at him. He threw it into a tree and it came back. He says the animal attacked him four times - all the while scratching and biting his feet, legs, arms and hands.

The animal nearly bit off the top of one of his fingers.

He says it wasn't until he choked it, that it stopped. "I really was battling for my life cause if I would've fell... when I turned around after kicking it in the head I turned around and he grabbed my heel and put a big gash in that, right now I'm just trying to make sense of it and keep some sanity here."

Paramedics rushed Williams to Florida Medical Center where he received more than a dozen stitches and the first round of rabies shots.

Trappers returned to the scene hoping to catch and remove the raccoon, but they haven't caught anything in the four days since the attack.